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Working Man's Warranty

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Like any other tool, if abused, stripping irons can be broken, and that is not my fault. On the other hand, if it falls apart right out of the box, you should get a new one immediately and with return shipping included. Furthermore, if your idea of "good hard use" sufficiently exceeds mine, you should get your money back.

Using Razor Bar every morning, five days a week, it should last you at least six months but will probably be more like 10.

If a situation arises that doesn't fit neatly into the above categories, we will have to have a discussion to determine what is fair, pro-rate or whatever.

In almost all possible events, the tool must be returned so I can correct my mistakes. It is therefore recommend that you do not discard the packaging until you're sure the tool is up to snuff.

The short of it is that I want you to be happy with both my product and my service.

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Razor Bar and Air Razor are covered under US Patent No. 7,360,473, and all it’s contents are copyrighted 2006-2009 to the holder of that patent, all rights reserved

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