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Razor Bar Feature details

Self Sharpening
Razor Bar’s symmetrical teeth tend to wear evenly on both sides and continue to deliver “like new” performance for a long time .The field-beaten one to the left has seen dozens of roof tear off jobs
on the roof and is still going strong.

Optimized Geometry
The shingle tool made many trips from the roof, to the shop, and back. Many different lengths, angles, frequencies, and fulcrum points were tried. Today’s Razor Bar has the best blend for overall performance and utility.
Tempered steel teeth
 The teeth of the shingle stripper are quenched, and then tempered for long life and resistance to punishment.
Long reach
Particularly handy on a steep/staged tear off, the long length and low angle give Razor Bar the most reach of any stripping tool on the roof.
Rip Hooks
The ability to grab and pull the roof shingles is very handy. The hooks are carefully designed so as not to snag the tear off tool under the shingles.


 Razor Bar and Air Razor are covered under US Patent No. 7,360,473, and all it’s contents are copyrighted 2006-2009 to the holder of that patent, all rights reserved

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