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Our roof rippers tear off like no shovelremove shingles and strip the roof

Delivery speed:
I ship USPS Priority mail, 2-3 buisness days. I generally deliver orders received by 4:00pm eastern in time for that day's truck. Further expedition is not viable because I work a day job.
Hand ripper vs Power ripper:
With its light weight and debris handling abilities, Razor Bar is the one to have when tearing off most single layer shingls. Air Ripper is a bit of a luxury when ripping most single layered roofs, but worth every penny when tear off conditions get

You are welcome to see the tools being made by visiting the shop and to check out my warranty.
Razor Bar Hand Ripper:

professional roof shingle removerRazor Bar Pro $89.99
My best-running hand powered roof ripper is long and light, fast and deadlyroofing tear off tools demonstrated, with refinements from over a dozen years in the field. Nothing blows a roof apart like my Razor Bar.
  • Long strokes on rough deck
  • Handles debris once loosened, rarely touch a shingle with your hand 
  • Lasts for many shingle tear off jobs

Air Ripper Delamination Tool:

Air Ripper is a sweet tool to have if you're stuck ripping tough layers. It increases productivity by hundreds of percent when in it's element, and takes the suck right out of those miserable multi-layered roof rips. I invite you to browse my U-Tube videos powered roofing tear off tools videos  and see for yourself. Add Harbor Freight's prices shaving a grand off the cost, and it becomes even more appealing.
  • Rides over rough, cobbled surfaces
  • Accurate, can leave the tar paper
  • Handles wood and asphalt shingle, clapboard, luaan, etc.


Air System Requirements
One Air Ripper requires an air system of not less than five (5) horsepower (10cfm @ 90psi). The gasoline 5 to 6 horse wheelbarrow style compressor and a 100 feet of 1/4" minimum ID hose do a nice job pushing one of these tools. Further details and
results from the field here. 

Most powerful tool for tearing off shingles 
Air Ripper Option 1, Let me fix it. $449.99
I take a 62687roofing remover pneumatic handle power handle from Harbor Freight and adjust it 1) to ensure the ripping head fits, and 2) to trim snagging protrusions. It is then bench tested before going in the box. See the work done here.

Be informed, The ripping head is not unbreakable, and for good reason. Please, read my full report before ordering.

 Sold out
Try back 10/25/17
 Large product pictures here

pneumatic roof remover Air Ripper Option 2, You fix it for about $250 and a couple hours in your shop
Get the  62687handle for pneumatic roofing remover power handle directly from Harbor Freight plus the shinglehead below.
If you already have the compressor and time to tinker, this is a sweet way to get into power ripping. If your lucky she'll run right out of the box, but more than likely you'll run into some snags. See what to expect here.


pneumatic roof shingle remover toolhead
Shinglehead  $72.99
Bare ripping head for the power ripper.
Be informed, The ripping head is not unbreakable, and for good reason. Please, read my full report before ordering.



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