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Our roof rippers tear off like no shovelremove shingles and strip the roof

Shipping speed:
I usually drop off within 24 hours of payment, and priprity mail says to run 2 to 3 days continental US. Add weekends and holidays. Orders received by 4:00 PM Eastern generally make that day's truck and go out that night.
Expedited shipping is not available, but 2 to 3 off the buy now button is pretty good. We tried it. Next best was 2 day at +$50, then next day for +$100 (ish). It was also found that the time to communicate and set it up generally crossed the 4:00 deadline and cost a day.
Hand or Power?
With its light weight and debris handling abilities, Razor Bar is the one to have when tearing off most of the single layer roofs. Air Ripper is a bit of a luxury when stripping most single layered roofs, but worth every penny when tear off conditions get

You are welcome to see the tools being made by visiting the shop and to check out my working man's warranty.
Razor Bar

professional roof shingle removerRazor Bar Pro $79.89
My best-running hand powered roof ripper is long and light, fast and deadlyroofing tear off tools demonstrated, with refinements from over a dozen years in the field.
  • Long strokes on rough deck
  • Handles debris once loosened 
  • Lasts for many roof shingle tear off jobs

Air Ripper

Air System Requirements
One Air Ripper requires an air system of not less than five horsepower (10cfm @ 90psi). The gasoline 5 to 6 horse wheelbarrow style compressor and a 100 foot 3/8” ID black rubber hose do a nice job pushing one of these tools. Further details and field results here. 

Most powerful tool for tearing off shingles 
Air Ripper Pro 
My best-running power ripper can increase productivity by hundreds of percent when in it's element, and takes the suck right out of those miserable roof rip jobs. See my Utube videospowered roofing tear off tools videos and judge for yourself.
62687roofing remover pneumatic handle power handle from Harbor Freight is modified in my shop.
Includes one Shinglehead plus the stock 4" chisel
ON Hold
product update
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pneumatic roof remover Build your own power ripper for about $220
Get the  62687handle for pneumatic roofing remover power handle directly from Harbor Freightroofing tear off tool parts supply, plus the shinglehead below.
She’ll run right out of the box if you're lucky, but will be somewhat clunky. A decent running Ripper can be had with as little as 20 minutes work, depending on the craftsman, features desired, and bugs encountered. Full details here. You would be well advised to be familiar with the details before going this route.

  • Powered shingle ripping
  • Nicely economical


pneumatic roof shingle remover toolhead
Replacement Shinglehead  $72.99
Bare ripping head for the power ripper.




 Razor Bar and Air Razor are covered under US Patent No. 7,360,473, and all it’s contents are copyrighted 2006-2009 to the holder of that patent, all rights reserved

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