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shingles being ripped of roofs

Honed on a thousand roofs

My first roof shingle removal job was back in the mid '80s. It was two layers on loose, uneven barn-board and hundreds of bent over shake nails were hidden under the roof shingles.

one mean roof shingle tear off job

We were using shingle shovels and not having much fun. Slam-nibble, slam-nibble, 1/4 inch at a time with a dozen strokes to get past one bent-over nail. It was tedious, frustrating, and it took forever.

Since that day I've tried nearly every shingle shovel on the market and built twice that many in persuit of a tool that will make that job not suck.

After many trips back to the shop for refinements and enhancements, my roof shingle removal tools are now dialed-in-tight. After twenty years and a thousand roofs, I can hook you up with some high-performance tear off tools.

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power ripper tearing off some heavy layers