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The five horsepower Air Ripper addresses the toughest roof shingle tear-off conditions such as multiple layers of shingle, cap, roll system, and/or shakes.
No matter what the tool, stripping heavy roofing involves lots of slamming. The pneumatic Air Ripper does this slamming for you two thousand times every minute without fatigue or frustration.
Relieved of this slamming, it is easy to aim
 the tool and control the cut. Air Ripper is accurate enough to strip a single lamination off a sheet of plywood, or to ride over ice belt.
If you're the one doing these tough jobs, there is no better tool to have in your hands. When tearing off two roof layers its nice, but add that third and it's Air Ripper by a mile.

See Air Ripper in action on Youtubepowered roofing tear off tools demonstrated or download version (2.4MB)power stripper rips roofing

air powered roof shingle remover

Pneumatic roof shingle tear off tool

The five horsepower pneumatic hammer pushes the nail-evading toolhead under the roof shingles to wedge them free. 

At any angle and on any pitch, Air Ripper removes most any residential roofing material. The tougher the roof shingle stripping conditions, the greater is Air Ripper’s advantage. 

Pneumatic roof stripper destroys shingles

air powered roof shingle stripper Air system not withstanding, the Air Ripper base model can have you power stripping roof shingles for around $200.
If you’d like, you can see how it’s made before you buy this tool.

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Air powered roofing removal tool