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Air System Requirements

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One Air Ripper requires an air system of not less than five horsepower (10cfm @ 90psi), two power rippers will require ten horses, etc.


Air Ripper runs pretty much 100% throttle full-time, so a large tank doesn’t add much. A gasoline compressor is preferred because the 5-horse electrics are 220 volt, which can be an issue at the customer’s house. I have been using a 6 horse wheelbarrow from HF and it has been working well. A brand-name 5.5 has also been seen to have good results. A popular compressor for framing.


To get that power up to the roof, we need 1/4" ID hose. The light line typically running the shingle guns will not be enough. You can get away with a 50 footer, but a 100 gets the tall stuff and allows for easy placement of the compressor. If your ripper is going to see winter, stay away from PVC. Black rubber has always done me well, and there are other good materials available.


With the HF 6 fully charged and the engine idling, only a slight surge in performance has been observed upon first pulling the trigger, which would indicate that the air system is matched to the tool and delivering the full power of the engine to the work .

Air Ripper’s tear off performance shown in the videosroof tear off videos was achieved on the above system at 120psi. Increasing the pressure increases performance, but is done so at the increasing risk of injury, death, and/or reduced tool life.

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