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shingles being ripped of roofs

Operating principle

In contrast to most familiar roofing tear off tools that are based on a lever, these roof strippers are based on the wedge. It was found that the wedge could be made to take on a nail-evading characteristic and plow right through roof conditions that would stop a shingle shovel. tear off tool sweet spot These wedge-based Roof shingle removal tools get long strokes on rough deck, and have two other distinct advantages over the shingle shovel. First, the ability to apply large amounts of power to the tear off task, and second, a much higher tolerance of the imperfect conditions encountered in roof shingle removal jobs.

With the work area clear of roof shingles, the nails and delicate work go pretty slickroof nail pulling operation with the shingle shovel. Adding these wedge-based tear off tools can make the tear off experience more enjoyable, and have a pleasent effect on productivity as well.

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power ripper tearing off some heavy layers