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shingles being ripped of roofs


Having good times when taking shingles off a roof is the favored objective here. This has been addressed with some cool new roof rippers Tear off is now the fun part of the roofing job. Roof shingle remover in action

Razor Bar is the long and light, fast and deadlyroofing removal tools video roof ripper, with many cool features and tricks.

The five horsepower Air Ripper has a gas engine plowing it undervideo of powered roofing removers tough multi-layered roof tear-off jobs.

These roof shingle removal tools benefit from years of refinement on actual roof tear off jobs, and are now dialed-in tight for performance, durability, and the ability to handle the non-perfect conditions found when tearing off a roof.

Razor Bar and Air Razor are covered under US Patent No. 7,360,473, and all it’s contents are copyrighted 2006-2009 to the holder of that patent, all rights reserved

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power ripper tearing off some heavy layers