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shingles being ripped of roofs


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Not available in stores.

Shipping speed:

About 3 days:

I generally drop off within 24 hours of payment, and priority mail says to run 2 to 3 days continental US. Add weekends and holidays. Orders received by 4:00 PM Eastern generally make that day's truck and roll out that night from the post office.

Expedited shipping is not available

We tried it, and it's not worth it. The time to communicate and set it up generally costs a day and thus wastes your money and our time.

Hand vs Power rippers:
Razor Bar is the one to have when tearing off most single layered roofs due to it’s light weight and debris handling abilities. Air Ripper is a bit of a luxury when ripping most single layered roofs, but worth more and more as tear off conditions get tougher.

My rippers are covered under my warranty

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power ripper tearing off some heavy layers