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shingles being ripped of roofs
roofing remover can tear off like no shingle shovel The Full Details

Stripping shingles is now the fun part of being on the roof. With Razor Bar, you'll get long strokes ripping big chunksroofing remover video and rarely touch a shingle with your hand.

tearing off roof shingles

Razor Bar dodges obstacles and rides on irregular surfaces to glide under the roof shingles and wedge them free. It also grabs and throwsvideo of our roofing removal tools the roof shingles, making the tool handy for delivering the debris to the ground.

Getting the work done is at least as important as having a fun experience. The pictures, along with the videos, will give you an idea of the advantage in productivity you can have with these rippers.

Long and light, fast and deadlyroofing tear off tools in action, Razor Bar can put the roof shingles on the ground at nearly ten times the rate that is possible with the shingle shovel due to its operating principle and refinements.

Roof shingle removal tool vs. three roof shovels

With the roof surface clear of debris, the shingle shovel also becomes a sweet-running toolshingle shovel is also now a sweet roofing remover. The nails and other obstacles are exposed and easy to deal with, and without that frustrating ping, ping, ping.

roof stripper vs.three shingle shovels

Between many roofing tear off jobs, Razor Bar was sent back to the shop for more attitude and less weight.The ripper has thus been tricked-out for performance, long life, and tolerance for the imperfect conditions found on roof shingle removal jobs.

tear-off tool vs. shingle shovel

Razor Bar is also extremely effective ripping up cedar shinglesShingle remover tool tearing off a roof Luan flooring, clapboards, etc. are other applications for this brutally effective ripper.

how to tear off roofing


how to take shingles off a roof
one tough roof ripping job

The downside

Before you get too excited, I want you to understand that faster and more fun does not necessarily mean easier.

First of all, notice in the videosroofing remover demonstrations that hundreds of pounds of roof shingles will be getting displaced in a few short minutes of time. Therefore, you're going to break a sweat. In order to fully appreciate this tear off tool, one must have an aggressive attitude, enjoy ripping stuff apart, and not be afraid to work. roof shingle remover

Secondly, Razor Bar uses wedging action to free the roof shingles from the deck. This is different from all the other tear off tools, which use prying action. As a result, this roof stripping tool handles like nothing else you've had in your hands (unless you are an experienced spear fighter).

Expect a learning curve. The following information is absolutely essential so that you can be successful with a Razor Bar.
Roof shingle remover dig angle

Although down-stroking is good for shedding the roof debris,the shingles also tend to shed tools, so a "dig" angle is required to stay under the shingles. This puts the sharp tips in contact with the surface, so they tend to bite into the roof deck. roof shingle tear off tool glide angle

Up-stroking and upward side-stroking can free the cutting tips and premit a "glide" condition. This is where the fun starts. When gliding, Razor Bar will ride over the most ornery roof surfaces such as Ice membrane and nail stubble. Roof shingle stripping tool sweet spot

Razor Bar's geometry has been fine-tuned to make it easy to start and maintain a glide. Once you get a feel for that sweet spot, you'll start to see the demonstratedroofing tear off tools demonstrated ripping performance and surface control. strategy for removing roof shingles

It can be tricky to both up-stroke and take advantage of gravity at the same time. Taking bites from the top down, the shingles should continually be rolled on top of the undisturbed roofing so that they will shed to the ground.

close view of roof ripper

These are just the bare basics. Razor Bar comes with a myriad of tricks for putting roof shingles on the ground. Further details and demonstration are available on the Tips and tricks page.

You'll also have the opportunity to see how it's made before you buy one.

Razor Bar and Air Razor are covered under US Patent No. 7,360,473, and all it’s contents are copyrighted 2006-2009 to the holder of that patent, all rights reserved

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