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shingles being ripped of roofs

Ripping Head Full Report

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The first thing you need to know is that the ripping head is not unbreakable, and for good reason:

Thinner teeth hit less nails, and are less of a load for the air hammer to push, and thus render higher ripping performance. A max performance ripping head will therefore be just heavy enough to hold together under normal operation. Shingle ripping head for the power stripper

The other thing you need to know is that this tool is known to have two limitations:

1) Never pry with a single end tooth on the flat.You will break it.

2) Extreme layers such as multiple drip edges, cap, and framing members need to be attacked at 90 degree angles. An angular approach to one of these perimeters has a good chance of breaking an end tooth.

tear off extreme layers of roofing at right angles
A good example shown here:

tear off extreme layers of roofing at right angles
Track Record:

The 1/8 tempered teeth have been holding up admirably on the hand ripper since 2006.

These teeth were used on the first power heads and found to be lacking with too many broken end teeth.

Around 2011 the end teeth were beefed up to 3/16 with no reported failures as of 2018.

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power ripper tearing off some heavy layers